A young Nigerian money magnet claims…





August, 2020

I wasn’t born into a wealthy family

I don’t have rich relatives

I have zero connections in Government

So I don’t expect to be given a job anywhere

I am a lazy Nigerian youth


I love clean money

I may not be like Andy the young Nigerian money magnet who made such a bold claim of making $10,000 with almost nothing

But I believe every word in that statement because I make $1500 from my bedroom and I am just 4 months in.

I am doing really well for myself.

How do I know this?

My mum shed a tear or two…

A woman who has had to be a hard woman for her 5 children since my dad’s death over a decade ago was crying on my shoulders.


I took her on a shopping spree to pick anything she wanted within the confines of $175 (70,000 naira). She couldn’t just hold back her tears.

That was the proudest moment of my life.

Appreciate your parents while they are alive. No one knows tomorrow so do it now.

May I briefly introduce myself before going on?

Hello? My name is Golibe.

My twitter handle:

I was in your shoes about 4 months ago.

Looking for something to bring huge sums of money on the side.

I would like to simply take you on my journey and the century-old persuasion technique that changed my life coupled with the very unpopular methods I used.

4 months can really be a long time ago…

Firstly, I would like to boldly tell you that the worst currency you will ever earn in is…

the Nigerian naira

As of 12th August, on the parallel market…

1 Dollar = 475 Naira

Frightening right?

You see, for millions of Nigerians, this is bad news.

The cost of living has increased. Prices of food, clothing, name it.

Even banks are suffering, how much more individuals?

I pity what the future holds.

This is not bad news for people that have found a way to earn in dollars and do this from Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

Can we buttress the reason a Nigerian youth will say he can make $10,000 even if he was lost in Sambisa forest?

1. For him to make such claims, it simply means he makes money passively.

He doesn’t need a 9 to 5 job.

He doesn’t need to wear suit and tie.

He doesn’t need to exchange hours and hours of hardwork just to be paid at the end of the month.

2. He makes money from any location. He doesn’t need to set up a shop.

He does need to dress up and enter bus or Uber every morning.

He can make money from wherever he decides to in the world.

3. He needs little to no tools to make this amount of money.

A pen, paper and internet connection? It means it is a simple way of making money.

You don’t need to buy goods or pay this customs or secure wallet passwords and watch the rising and falling of alt coins waiting to cash out.

That is the very good thing about this century-old persuasion technique,

It gives you liberty irrespective of your location or the currency like our worthless naira.

Don’t leave me! Let’s dive in deeper…

I was once like an average Nigerian undergraduate always sending Happy New Month messages so that Uncle Emeka will not forget to send me 15,000 naira he promised last Christmas.

I didn’t want Forex.

I didn’t want cryptocurrencies.

These may work for people but nah, I hate uncertainties

I hate things I can’t control with my bare hands.

I also did not want anything that requires a network like I get you, you get somebody, then we…

Arrant nonsense.

I searched the internet and I found an article about the most sought-after skills in this new decade.

I discovered a century-old secret persuasion technique… I discovered copywriting.

Do you know copywriting has been existing since the 1920s?

Copywriting is over a 100 years old

Claude Hopkins is one of the pioneers of copywriting. He called it scientific advertising.

Copywriting has since then transformed into something more definite but the foundation he laid still stands years after his death in 1932.

When I tell you this is not all those shiny things like cryptos and the rest, they may be okay


Nothing beats something has is a work of your hand that has been making men bloody rich since a hundred years ago.

After I discovered this gem…

God! I went loco.

I started practicing like a possessed man and in no time, my first client paid me $100

$100 X 400 = 40,000 NAIRA

That is above the minimum wage in Nigeria.

At that moment I knew… THIS WAS IT.

I did this in my bedroom as a novice just for one client.

That client was lucky, because with the very unpopular methods I know now…

I would have never charged less than $700

No one was there to hold me by the hand and teach me these almost sacred methods…

Anyway, we move.

By the next month I was making $1550 and it felt good.

$1550 X 420 = 651,000 NAIRA

P.S: 420 because the rates increased again.

Nigeria doesn’t get it that I am gaining…

You see, the more the country decides to devalue the naira, I smile to the bank.

Earning dollars with copywriting is bliss.

No having to worry about the skyrocketing price of rice in the market or whatever.

That is not even the most interesting part. The most interesting part is…

You don’t need to offer your services to more than 3 clients monthly.

You can charge $500 to $1000 monthly per client.

Most times I finish my clients’ job in a week and intentionally delay it till the end of the month…

So they will value what I have created for them.

Before we go into how to make money in this wonderful foreign currency,

I would like to very briefly tell you my deepest life desire.

May I?

I have always had a love for Africa. I hope to travel around Africa in the year 2022.

And as you and I know, this is not child’s play when it comes to the money involved from flight tickets to hotel bills…

So I decided to look for a skill that can at least make me raise money.

If you go on my instagram (golibestory) you will know this is not a hoax.

I started travelling Nigeria since 2016 and hope to take it across borders.

Now, I don’t want to save money and travel on a budget

The dream has been upgraded,

The aim now is to make money on the go…

In a helicopter in Dakar, Senegal or while photographing hippopotamuses and lions in the safaris somewhere in Tanzania.

I can beat my chest and say…

I have hit the JACKPOT by discovering copywriting

and there is no turning back.

Dollar is the only language the world speaks and you need to understand this.

It is the only way to true financial freedom.

You see…

If you have come this far, you’re literate meaning you can read, write and understand English language.

You’re probably already writing on your phone’s note pad or occasionally on your WhatsApp status.

You see, the most important copywriting skill is:

Use of simple sentences

You don’t need to be a wonderful writer to be a copywriter.

You just need to be able to write words people will understand easily.

If people don’t understand you, people will not buy

And “buy” is the most important word in copywriting

So copywriting doesn’t need you to construct huge vocabularies and all that…

Simplicity is what makes people buy

Copywriting is writing for sales.


That is copywriting.

The simpler the better though there are rules to it.

EVERY business in the world needs a copywriter.

The objective of every business is to sell to buyers.

And a copywriter is there to ensure the buyer BUYS the product.

This image is from Domino’s Pizza, Nigeria.

Every single thing in this picture is very intentional.

For example, Colour red stimulates desire hence the number 550 naira is in red.

Even the words on that carton are put together by copywriters.

A lot of things you experience in your everyday life are put together by copywriters.

You see copywriting is really exciting

And I will like to tell you this again,

No business on planet earth can do without a copywriter

This is why we are in high demand and we are paid very handsomely.

There are roughly 1.3 Million online businesses in the United States of America.

And there is you

Different niches out there from health to politics to tech to real estate to bakery.

Do I need to say it again that copywriters are needed in everything business?

Let me tell you why earning in dollars is easy…

Do you know why most of these American companies are interested in Africans?

These American companies know that their dollar has strength so they will pay less for our services

A company can’t pay an American living in America $1,500 for a job or as monthly salary.


He will report the company to their Work ethics counsel and the company will be dealt with accordingly.

The amount is too small

But over here, $5,000 is 2,375,000 naira!

You see why the Nigerian youth claimed he can make $10,000 from Sambisa forest easily with just pen, paper, data and of course his copywriting skill?

Yes, he was entirely talking about copywriting. The better you get the more you’re paid.

That’s why we need to capitalize on this because American companies need us

Getting Nigerian copywriting jobs is a piece of cake even on your sickest weeks

For African jobs, people will look for you to pay you

This was a job I did for an organization situated in Uganda from my bedroom.

My first $700 came to me by itself.

I just positioned myself in an irresistible manner following those very unpopular methods I told you I would be showing you and they started flooding in.

This is another company. The CEO found me himself.

Look at the dates, you will see they are all last month (July)

Please note,

These are not the American foreign companies.

There are Ugandan and Nigerian respectively.

Americans keep a lot of their company’s affairs private so it would be breaking client privileges sharing it to the public.

All payments no matter the countryman you’re doing business with are in dollars

Once you have built your profile like I am about to show you,

It is all dollar conversations not naira!

Simply put…

After learning copywriting,

You will NEVER AGAIN have to worry about money.

Now let’s say like me you don’t want to take more than three clients every month because you’re either travelling the world or watching Big Brother Nigeria.

You charge $500 per project.

$500 X 475 = 237,500 NAIRA

You take 3 jobs in a month:

237,500 X 3 = 712,500 NAIRA

I’m not trying to insult your network of friends,

But I’m sure you don’t know more than 3 youths in your life earning over half a million naira legally monthly

Golibe is one of the 3 so think of 2 others.


Think of the endless possibilities…

When last did you make your mother and father smile with a gift?

When last did you receive spa treatment on that body of yours?

When last did you go to a big hotel in Abuja just to spend the weekend. Just relax and be taken care of?

Suffer no dey tire you?

There are two things that can make the Average Joe on your street to make $1500 monthly:

1. A Desire to succeed

2. A proven road map

If you have read this far, I must commend you, in fact you should genuinely clap for yourself.

The average Nigerian youth do not read and they cry for jobs and eat from their mother’s pot at age 25.

So CONGRATULATIONS! You have the desire to succeed, to make ungodly sums of money on the side.

The second step which is a PROVEN ROAD MAP is what I’m about to hand over to you.

These Proven road map contains unpopular methods that made me climb to the top of the ladder faster than the average copywriter.

I mean, it took a great copywriter I respect so much, 8 months to make his first dollar but under 4 months I’m almost touching a million naira


1. The basics of Copywriting: How to start out without complicating it. Easy to understand step by step processes in creating good copies.

The write-up written by a copywriter in other to make a buyer buy is called a copy.

This particular part would build a solid foundation.

How to write powerful headlines.

How to flow in your copies.

How to grab the attention of your buyer, keep him interested, increase his desire and eventually make him buy that product.

2. A Manual of exactly how to audit and write a brand proposition for a brand you just met.

This knowledge of branding is VERY VERY essential. Most copywriters have no branding skills whatever and it makes them empty barrels that just make noise.

Copywriting and branding co-exist together. This is one of the unpopular mehods that made me climb the ladder and start earning fast

3. The Secret forumlar from the greatest copywriting company in the world (Agora Inc)

You will be learning a secret COPYWRITING formula that will take you from zero to a hundred in no time.

This formula is from Agora Company. Agora makes over a billion dollars every year for their clients and makes hundreds of millions for themselves. This secret formula was very hard for me to lay my hands on.

In fact this is what gave me the guts to request for higher pays because I knew I had a secret only the best of the best American copywriters have.

4. I will be showing you how to strategically position yourself to make “ungodly” sums of money for yourself.

I call this DIABOLIC POSITIONING because when you acquire this you will be as irresistible as a wife to her sex-starved husband who hasn’t seen her in 11 months.

This is one of the unpopular methods that seperates copywriters who take home $1500 monthly and those that take home little $100 monthly.

Guess what, I will be giving you mouth watering bonuses so I will be rest assured you’re the full package.

SPECIAL BONUS 1. Access to unfathomable materials that would keep you going and keep you churning out content to attract clients.

SPECIAL BONUS 2. You will learn how to brand yourself and separate yourself from any other copywriter in Nigeria. This personal branding is the reason your clients will choose you over and over again even if they have a knife to their necks – it will always be you.

SPECIAL BONUS 3. I will teach you how to create business content for brands. When you start working for brands creating business content may come in handy, you may decide to throw it in as a bonus so they will keep talking about you.

You see the best form of publicity is what is called Word Of Mouth publicity. If your cousin tells you to try that new restaurant in town that they treated him well and their food was sumptuous, you will definitely try that restaurant over one Mama Nkechi restaurant that is also there but no recommendations.

This will make brands tell other brands about you.

SPECIAL BONUS 4. I will be throwing in how to manage social media accounts perfectly well and some hidden tricks.

I have once grown instagram account from 0 to over 8,500 followers.

I’m currently growing a money making machine twitter account of just over 1,000 followers.

You should know that in this modern age, social media management is a money tree on its own so this will also be vital in building your own money tree.

SPECIAL BONUS 5. The astonishing secrets of remote control persuasion and the
unchanging psychology of being human.

For you to be great at copywriting and be pursued up and down by clients, you need to understand basic human psychology.

And this is what I will be teaching you…

How to perfectly apply persuasion techniques in making your consumers buy.

Listen to these words from a multi-millionaire world leader:

“Putting The Right Words On Paper And Online Is The Single Most Profitable Skill Everyone Can Learn”

Jim Edwards said this.

Jim has built multi-million dollar businesses online. Making $1.5 Million from one product. That is 600 Million Naira from just one product.

These are people that have been doing this for years and years.

I would be giving you these very unpopular methods all in the proven road map that gives me over $1500 monthly from my bedroom in Enugu, Nigeria.

A random stranger tagging you and calling you a guru in copywriting when he is yet to see your best works is crazy.

You see, I want to lead you by the hand like a mother leads her toddler so you would start making over half a million naira monthly as soon as possible.

Right now, You’re probably wondering… “How much this would cost?”

Don’t flutter, you see… any time you can make an investment in yourself and your future , it’s a good one.

Not to talk of a skill as relevant as copywriting. A skill that will be part of you forever.

A skill that you can use to produce 712,500 naira ($1500) even if you found yourself lost in the Sambisa forest…

Then it is really had to place a price on it.

Let’s turn this question around…

What’s This Amazing Opportunity Worth To You?

What’s it worth to you to live life on your own terms?

What’s it worth to you to take your mum on that shopping spree?

To make 6 figures monthly from the comfort of your king-sized bed?

If I said it would cost half of that 712,500 naira that is, 356,250 naira would it be worth it?

What if I said it would cost only 150,000 naira for an opportunity that would give you over 700,000 naira monthly?

I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that to have access to this proven road map

So here is what’s going to happen today.

The 6 Figure Copywriter Proven Road Map normally would cost 30,000 naira in few days after its launch in my website, Twitter and LinkedIn communities.

But this program is exclusive to only 25 people who will be recieveing this link, no promotions.

For these 25 people, there are only 10 slots to fill.

For this limited space of 10 people, the cost will be 13,000 naira.

If you sign up now, you have a better chance of picking up this offer at this ridiculously low price.

The price will never be discounted as low as this rate ever again.

I’m only doing this because I want to teach you and 9 other people to make money. So we can form an interesting tribe capable of making $150,000 monthly together from big brands like Haier Thermocool electronics.

Click the button below:

Please Note: I’m not saying that money will fall on your laps once you get this course.

This is not 419.

But I am assuring you that when you follow these very unpopular methods I followed,

You will make a whole lot of money in no time with the burning desire I see you have to upgrade your financial status and reach that point of living life on your own terms.

This proven road map is filled with experiences of myself and other copywriters you will be meeting in our community bringing in $2000 monthly from LinkedIn alone as a side job.

I just remembered a ‘job’ I did

You know Copywriting can loosely be said to be persuasive advertising in print.

That is advertising with strategic words on a paper that will make people buy

A relative wanted to advertise her cake business,

I told her I could help but she couldn’t pay me

She laughed and begged me to help her out

I went ahead to write something very simple for her, see what I wrote:

“People will never forget how you made them feel.

You are having a wedding?

A wedding is a once in a lifetime honor by God’s grace.

Contact us to give people a feeling they will never forget or at least..

They keep talking of till your 2 years anniversary where we will deliver a FREE surprise wedding cake to congratulate you for staying together

Call Us Today at +234 80X XXX “

I woke up to a surprise 90,000 naira alert.

She called later on saying a client paid her 290,000 naira

That she just wants to appreciate me and nothing more

I didn’t discuss anything with her via prices prior to that like I said, I told her she couldn’t afford me

This is the power of copywriting.

Our human brain has a way of handling things… So, I will simply run through things for you all over again.

I’m giving you the opportunity to make $1500 monthly with a skill that can be produced by the palm of your hands.

This skill will keep creating wealth for you forever. It can not be stolen or affected by rising and falling of bitcoin or devaluation of the naira.

A skill that an Australian millionaire said this about:

“The ability to write ads and marketing messages that sell is by far the most lethal money-making skill you could ever hope to acquire”

The truth is you may not be fit for this program

Forget the fact that I have praised you for actually taking your time to read this,

Making over half a million naira monthly is not for everybody

It takes determination.

If it were for every lazy procrastinator out there, then being rich with a legal source of income at a young age wouldn’t be an issue.

But is the biggest issue facing Nigeria now.

Have you seen the new statistics of the unemployment rate in Nigeria?

It is at a record HIGH, meaning that in the whole of Nigeria’s history, there has NEVER been such number of unemployment.

Not even considering underemployment like people that have Masters degree but are paid 30,000 naira monthly.

Unemployment rate reaching an all time high in 2nd quarter of 2020

Taking charge of your financial situation is all in YOUR HANDS and I’m here to lead you by the hand in ending this cycle of insecurity due to lack of paper called money.

This program and my guidance is valued at over 95,000 naira.

How did I arrive at 95,000 naira?

1. BASICS OF COPYWRITING is a mini ebook I sold to business owners and newbie marketers who want to rake charge of their business. Remember, copywriting is the most essential part of a business that every business owner needs.

This was sold for $20 that was at that time 8,000 naira

2. Practical experiences. I never got this but I know how much I needed it that is why I am giving it to you. Before you handle people’s jobs, you need real business experiences to test your abilities and capabilities. The value of this manual alone is 7,000 naira. A mentee of mine purchased it

3. Agora Publishing Company Secrets (Agora is a multi-million dollar copywriting comapny)

I had to pay a former employee who retired from their company money to get access to this secret.

It cost me 60,000 naira to just gain ACCESS to this Agora ex-employee.

I’m not at liberty to tell you how much the incentives I gave him cost after he divulged these secrets. Let’s just keep our maths at 60,000 naira.

4. Diabolic positioning is something I make money from almost every week.

For just 8 hours a day, I charge 20,000 naira for my consultancy. That is 2,500 naira per hour

All I teach business owners that period is diabolic positioning as a brand.

You will be having this course forever not just 8 hours but let’s still keep the value at 20,000 naira

Shall we do the math?

8,000 + 7,000 + 60,000 + 20,000 = 95,000 naira + Saved time and no stress


Please don’t mistake it, these special bonuses are of GREAT VALUE monetary and otherwise but they are all FREE for you in this program.

1. My personal library which is the most valuable asset in my life (not my wonderful touchscreen laptop or Smart TV or whatever) is very very invaluable.

I can’t sell this even for a million naira. You will have access to it.

Including a lot of swipe files and some websites that is a hack to your learning journey.

2. Rules In Magnetic Personal branding – The reason you will always be chosen over everyone else.

3. How To Generate Everlasting Business Content Like A Well That Can Never Go Dry For ANY brand

This is a job on its own that I have been into since 2016. I’m giving you this knowledge FREE.

It was so easy for me to penetrate the Twitter market because of this skill.

4. Social Media Management Tricks For Every Platform: How do you manage algorithms for your personal brand and other brands?

This skill always comes in handy as a bonus when you find yourself with a client you really want to impress in other to get enormous connections

5. The astonishing secrets of remote control persuasion and unchanging psychology of being human.

An author of over 60 books based in the UK sends me a private message… DIABOLIC POSITIONING

This is how much value I am offering you and more with the special bonuses only for this tribe

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I will reach out to you in record time and introduce you to a community,

Send you the 6 figure Copywriter Road Map immediately it launches,

Send you some wonderful materials,

You get to also network with copywriting gurus who bring in almost a million naira monthly (we pray dollar increases so we keep earning bigger)

This and other bonuses I highlighted above.

Quite simply, you will NOT be getting this offer at 13,000 naira for a skill that would give you over half a million naira a month and is valued at 95,000 naira.

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If you take this course and apply what I have told you and you don’t see it is 5 times worth the value you’re paying for… I WILL PAY YOU BACK IN FULL


You have the course all to yourself to do whatever you please with it and your full 13,000 naira back in your bank account if after 90 days of implementation you feel this course is not valuable…

No grudges.

No hard feelings

Straight up full refund.

So you’re not taking any risk whatsoever.

All the risk is on me. It is honest and straight forward.

Akin Alabi is a Senator and founder of NairaBet… DIABOLIC POSITIONING

Your journey to financial independence, living life on your own terms can not get off the ground if you don’t invest your money and effort.

And I am here to provide you with the necessary tools to be a copywriter good enough to earn high-paying jobs with a limitless flow of clients.

You get there by learning WHAT to do

And HOW to do it

And claiming this already proven road map (The 6 Figure Copywriting Road Map) with all its juicy bonuses of:

1. Invaluable personal library and swipe files

2. Rules In Magnetic Personal Branding

3. How To Generate Everlasting Business Content Like A Well That Can Never Go Dry

4. Social Media Management Tricks For All Major Platforms

5. The astonishing secrets of remote control persuasion and the unchanging psychology of being human

… Is the best decision you will be taking in your life maybe not the best decision ever but the best decision in a very long time

I’m very excited about this.

I hope you’re too.

What you’re about to experience can change your career trajectory forever.

Ready to start making $1500 monthly from copywriting?

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