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I’m your marketing solution

– Golibe Ilechukwu, Direct response marketer & brand copywriter


Golibe is a business fiend which translates he is a business addict and obsessed with making you actualize your business goals.

Apart from being dedicated to making your business grow through direct response marketing, he genuinely loves to see your business thrive all-round.

His knowledge of branding is what makes him a unique marketer as he is not just focused on how a particular marketing campaign can bring in millions, he is dedicated to making your brand bring in millions this month, next month and next year.

He believes that every marketing campaign should contribute to your brand image at large.

Just as how Coca Cola is synonymous with the words: sharing and happiness…

Your brand should have something your consumers would easily identify as relating to your brand.

Why Is A Marketer Talking About Branding?

Hello Business Owner, Golibe here.

Branding is the reason one chooses a certain brand over the other.

It is the reason one choose Starbucks over the coffee lady at the street corner or one chooses KFC over Mrs Bolu’s food at the canteen a stone throw away from your office.

To carry out a very effective marketing campaign, I need to look into your branding and make sure your consumers will always choose you over your competitors.

I’m of the belief that marketing can’t stand properly without good branding. Apart from getting new paying customers, an important part of my mechanism is retaining customers and making them buy again and again. Proper branding is a huge part of the puzzle to this.

Now to marketing…

I help you reach your brand money goals by creating marketing campaigns with novel ideas in your niche.

You see, neuroscientists have discovered that the human brain releases dopamine when it discovers something new.

This dopamine is what makes a human immediately receptive to whatever your marketing campaign has to say.

The human brain loves novelty.

And my ability to create novel, emotionally compelling and intellectually stimulating marketing campaigns is the reason you’re here.

Let’s get talking, I’m offering you a free 30mins consultation worth a $100 in just to bring clarity to those questions going through your mind right now.

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Before you contact me, please know these things:

1. I’m not cheap. I will help you achieve your business money goals, I love adding immense value and growing businesses, I’m a business fiend. I go to lengths in understanding a business more than the business owner. I’m one dedicated homo sapien but I’m not cheap.
But if we work together….
The chances are very high that YOU will make a lot more money than you’re making right NOW.
And yup, I’m good.

2. You should have a functional brand promise. Please don’t tell me to market a product that doesn’t deliver on its promises. If you’re out to do business, money is good but offering value to your consumers is the greatest and that’s the only thing that would keep you in business for decades.

If you meet these requirements, great.

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